Software as a service lets you subscribe and access your required applications without investing in complex IT infrastructure management processes.



Enterprises today are keen on creating outstanding business values by focusing largely on business apps like Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. With SaaS, any third-party application can be integrated to existing on-premises apps. This service lets users subscribe and access their required applications without investing in complex IT infrastructure management processes.


Faster implementations

We deliver SaaS productivity solutions, which enable faster implementation without having to download or install any software; plus, manages updates and upgrades of a software automatically.

High adoption rate

We provide a simplified SaaS productivity solution with a user-friendly interface, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Lower Costs

Our SaaS applications offers a pay-per-use option. You get subscribed to the service as per your business needs and pay for what you use, without investing or managing the IT resources.

Seamless Integration

Our solution provides multitenant architecture scale up to meet your business demand. Also, provide several APIs that helps you to integrate with your existing IT systems.

Business Analytics delivers greater business outcomes.

Enterprises see a substantial growth in the use of Big Data Analytics especially Cloud Analytics in recent years for processing huge amounts of data and drive business growth and profitability.



There has been a substantial growth in the use of Big Data Analytics, especially Cloud Analytics in recent years. In addition to major enterprises (mostly Fortune Global companies) tech-savvy startups from all sectors want to process huge amounts of data and drive business growth and profitability.


Highly Scable:

The Cloud Analytics is scalable, allowing organizations to increase their storage and processing resources, as when required. With the general availability of Azure IaaS (WAIS) from Microsoft, multiple workloads are now supported on the Cloud. Whether it be extending core infrastructure on the Cloud, to migrating data from on-premises LOB applications to the Cloud - Windows Azure runs it all. Derive Actionable Insights:

For most organizations, besides migrating huge amounts of data to the Cloud, and processing it for driving actionable insights from the information gathered therein, Cloud based analytics is extremely crucial because employees across these organizations and across multiple geographies can access these data sets simultaneously, in order to perform analytics and generate reports and formulate strategies.

SaaS Based CRM.

SaaS CRM is a disruptive technology that will transform the acquisition and delivery of CRM software and enterprise business applications from a procurement & ownership model to a subscription & outsourced services model.


SaaS CRM solutions are a catalyst for how organizations change their use of front office software systems and put users in control of customer facing business systems for the first time. CRM SaaS enablement of software utilization without extended implementation time frames, software modification without IT bottleneck, world class infrastructure without capital expenditures and 24 by 7 uptime without round the clock staffing are a few of the compelling advantages of SaaS.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of using a SaaS based CRM include:

A more powerful and secure IT infrastructure - few organizations can match the infrastructure and security investments made by SaaS vendors. BizRuntime offers Cloud solutions for:

Our disciplined, agile approach minimizes the complexity and risk of technology implementations while maximizing project success. We ask the right questions to get to the root of our clients problems in order to recommend and implement the right Software Solution the first time. SaaS Based HRMS.

Business leaders need improved HR delivery models to enable better decisions and growth. SaaS HR technology provides a new and affordable tools to enhance the HR management process.



The real power of HR-focused SaaS is in the potential to rethink and redesign HR delivery and IT architecture at a fundamental level. SaaS-enabled HR transformations can help HR accelerate the value to talent strategies (workforce planning, performance, succession management, etc.), revenue growth (M&A, business transformation, globalization), and operational excellence (workforce intelligence, HR policy, culture, and communications) - making SaaS a technology consideration for any organization looking to take HR to the next level.

Key Benefits